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Appalachian Conservation Corps


Being on Hitch

Being on hitch is dancing to an acoustic guitar surrounded by smelly, smelly clothing. 

Being on hitch is weird headbutt shoulder massages, because you're sore and tired but feeling equally silly and giddy. 

Being on hitch is telling people "I'm going to say hi to the spider" instead of saying "I have to use the bathroom" because a brown recluse lives in the pit toilet. 

Being on hitch is yelling at the top of your lungs in the middle of a thunderstorm, because thank God, I FINALLY finished the rock stacked staircase which took a day to build.  

Being on hitch is stripping out of your muddy wet uniform and jumping into a creek on the first day of sunshine after a week of rain. 

Being on hitch is wild, beautiful and unique. No two are the same, each week is a new adventure. 

Being on hitch is why I love my job.